Saturday, 27 February 2010

What Do You Call a Group of Babushkas' ? A Babble?

It happened....... lunchtime today, in my greenhouse chitting my potatoes, I felt the sun warming my back!

Yes at last, however it was not long lived but I managed a walk down Southwold High Street whilst it still shone! I confess to not having been a C S junkie until recently reading various blogs - This is my first CS buy.... What do you think ?

I thought it was a very sweet and pretty ornament and in good condition.

This week I confess to purchasing one or two books (Ok 3) from Amazon. Joining in the Tilda swap meant purchasing the Tilda Summer Ideas and Sew Sunny Homestyle books (ok not compulsory for the swap - but a damn good excuse!)

I fancy making the cupcake apron next I think.........

Also thanks ( I think - I'll explain in a mo...) to Vintage Vicki  for suggesting I may like Poppy Treffry Free and Easy Stitch Style book.

So this week I made a babushka doll for my niece's 5th Brithday and went into overdrive and made another 4 - no idea what I'll do with them.... perhaps I should think about craft fairs - any ideas out there ?

Then, I thought I would have a go at the Poppy Treffry free stitching on the sewing machine .. I mean.... how hard could it be?????

Well, as a woman, I DID read the instructions and saw where it said it may be safer to start off using a darning foot on your sewing machine rather than no foot at all.

But yes, I ignored the suggestion and now have two puncture wounds in the finger where the needle and thread went in and then came out - oophs ! Not sure whether I achieved what I wanted with the stitching........

Not a very good picture I'm afraid.......

Well, better go for now as son has managed to catch daughter's hair in his yoyo and now is having a paddy because it won't "sleep" anymore (fortunately managed to retrieve hair without the use of scissors! - which I thought slightly more important..............) -

TTFN  Linda x


  1. Well done, the Russian dolls look great, yes you should do a craft fair. Ouch, sorry to hear about the finger !

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. I like your dolls - am planning on making one sometime soon.

    Country Girl has been trying stuff from the PT book - is definately harder to do than it sounds. Your heart came out well.

    Wasn't the sunshine great - shame today it's gone again :(

  3. I have those books on order too... expected delivery date 5th March! I promise not to pounce on the postman... well I'll try! lol

    That pinny looks good... I could do with one of those... I much prefer the half pinny to the whole thing I look so odd in the one that covers the top half too! ;D

    I saw some sun yesterday... grey drizzly and damp today! ya-boo-sucks!

    loving the china posy by the way...

    x Alex

  4. Apologies to Country girl - I credited Vintage Vicki with your idea to try the Poppy Treffry book! Hope you had more success with your first attempt than me ( and kept your fingers in tact!) Linda x

  5. Hi Linda

    Love the babushka dolls, these are on my must have a go at along with lots of other crafty projects. Hope your fingers ok sounds painfull, I haven't tried freestyle stitching before, think its a bit too compicated for me at the moment. I'm sure you'll love the new Tilda books, I'm always flicking through the pages of mine. Have a lovely week. xxx Pixie xxx

  6. I did indeed keep my fingers intact! Far too chicken to not use a foot - wouldn'ywant to bleed all over my efforts!
    I think I must get a darning foot.

  7. Ouch! I bought PT's book lately - definitely gets easier with practise! Thank you for visiting my blog.... should have guessed you're in Southwold from your message about beach huts! x

  8. Persevere. i just figured it out last night and now can't wait to get back from work to do some more! Love the babble of Babushkas. You made four!? x


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