Saturday, 27 February 2010

What Do You Call a Group of Babushkas' ? A Babble?

It happened....... lunchtime today, in my greenhouse chitting my potatoes, I felt the sun warming my back!

Yes at last, however it was not long lived but I managed a walk down Southwold High Street whilst it still shone! I confess to not having been a C S junkie until recently reading various blogs - This is my first CS buy.... What do you think ?

I thought it was a very sweet and pretty ornament and in good condition.

This week I confess to purchasing one or two books (Ok 3) from Amazon. Joining in the Tilda swap meant purchasing the Tilda Summer Ideas and Sew Sunny Homestyle books (ok not compulsory for the swap - but a damn good excuse!)

I fancy making the cupcake apron next I think.........

Also thanks ( I think - I'll explain in a mo...) to Vintage Vicki  for suggesting I may like Poppy Treffry Free and Easy Stitch Style book.

So this week I made a babushka doll for my niece's 5th Brithday and went into overdrive and made another 4 - no idea what I'll do with them.... perhaps I should think about craft fairs - any ideas out there ?

Then, I thought I would have a go at the Poppy Treffry free stitching on the sewing machine .. I mean.... how hard could it be?????

Well, as a woman, I DID read the instructions and saw where it said it may be safer to start off using a darning foot on your sewing machine rather than no foot at all.

But yes, I ignored the suggestion and now have two puncture wounds in the finger where the needle and thread went in and then came out - oophs ! Not sure whether I achieved what I wanted with the stitching........

Not a very good picture I'm afraid.......

Well, better go for now as son has managed to catch daughter's hair in his yoyo and now is having a paddy because it won't "sleep" anymore (fortunately managed to retrieve hair without the use of scissors! - which I thought slightly more important..............) -

TTFN  Linda x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Practise Makes Perfect....

A very wet, cold and miserable weekend meant only one thing - I turned up the heating and did some crafting, whilst hubby and son went out and watched football!

As I have entered into Faerie Nuff's Tilda swap - I thought perhaps some practise was called for! My 7 year old daughter was very content helping me by stuffing the hare as I machined the parts and this was our joint attempt.

It was going to be part of my niece's 5th Birthday present for next week
 but as Rebecca said, ".........I did help make it",
 I think it will only being going as far as her bedroom!
All we need to do now is choose a project for the swap.

You will recall from my last blog I made a picture inspired from Country Living, well I have now completed one for the other frame on a red theme - shame the colour swap I have just entered is for a "green theme!" Never mind, it gives me an excuse to visit the local fabric shop tomorrow to eye up green material - Now what to make ??

I should just say the lovely fleece throw with the applique flowers in this picture was a Christmas present from a dear friend - I'll finish by saying;

"Isn't it lovely to receive something handmade, I'm looking forward to my first swaps."

Linda x

p.s. Can anyone help ? How do you put a blog name in your post so that there is a link to it ? Thanks

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hand stitching and wildlife

Well a busy half term with juggling work and children!
 Typically yesterday was a work day, when the sun shone.
Today was a visit to our local RSPB reserve with friends for some bird watching
 - however it took spotting some wonderful wildlife to call the day a success
 (as it was misty and wet even sleety at one point!)

The deer were so at ease in their surroundings they didn't seem to mind us at all!

I have only been able to snatch a few minutes at a time crafting at the moment
 and so have embarked on hand sewing little pictures to fit a couple of frames
I picked up cheaply a while ago.

This was inspired by something I saw in the latest Country Living magazine.

I have now signed up to do two swaps - my first a colour one and then also a Tilda swap - some of my favourite crafting books.

Anyway, just a short update for now as tea is ready and smelling great !

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Finds, Makes and Amusement.............

The week started well with some lovely material finds tucked in the corner of a soft furnishings shop......

"Raining Cats and Dogs" and some lovely retro brown circles and swirls - Now what to make ??

I also finished my daughter's quilt for her bed sssssh..... as she's asleep I will let you have a peek - not displayed the best on a chair in the kitchen! (Note to self - must improve photography skills!) 

Whilst munching on my lunch today, I asked a male colleague if he had heard of the term a "catazine", as I was looking at the new Joules one.

(I do love Joules  I'm very lucky - two lovely shops in the coast only a few miles away!)

"No" he replied, "What is it?"

 Having just flicked through it I said ;

" It is where you can see a model in a short pink tweed skirt
 and read about Jimmy's sausages"

This caused great amusement !!

Possibly not the best two examples to put together!!!

Finally, a quick batch of banana muffins whipped up ready for the Primary school Table Top Sale tomorrow who knows, may be I'll find a little treasure or two ???

Until next time - Happy crafting....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

A week on.... In Blog land

Well, I am feeling very pleased with myself - blogging certainly helps with the discipline of "getting on" with those craft projects. I have had a large piece of Cath Kidston material waiting to be used and this week I made a bag - I think it would make a great bag to keep a knitting / crochet project in perhaps?

Then I decided to make a material rose to adorn it - as you may have guessed - the rose took longer than the lined bag to make! I'm pleased with the final result but who to give it to ?

I have so many pieces of material left from the fabric noticeboards I made at Christmas, I have patchworked 72 squares this week in readiness to make a quilt for my daughter - obviously this level of craftiness can not continue indefinately due to mundane tasks such as housework needing to be fitted in amongst family needs and work!

This week saw an update of the "family photo" taken by a lovely lady photographer in Beccles - so perhaps some ideas for a new craft project to display some photos? Any ideas out there ??

Until next time, have a lovely week...............

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

OOPHS .......... Forgot the Keepsake Boxes

Ah, did you spot the deliberate mistake ? Yes, I forgot the Keepsake boxes! This has been my latest little project. My nephew is being christened at the end of February and I wanted to make something practical but special for him.

This was very much trial and error. I purchased a pine box, wadded and covered the lid with Laura Ashley check material (you'll often find me rummaging in the Laura Ashley material box in Beccles!)

I made a ribbon rosette, beaded his name and painted and stamped a "Keepsake" tag and was fairly happy with the end result.

Inspired, I owe a close friend a 40th Birthday present still, so made a similar one for her....

I love this and so want to keep this for myself!

So now to my next project -
having moved the computer downstairs
 I now have a spare bedroom for crafting
Ohhhhhhhh..........where to start ?

Noticeboards and Keepsake Boxes

The camera has been located and some photos taken ! For Christmas this year I went into fabric noticeboard production - A refreshing change using a staple gun rather than a sewing machine.

I carefully selected the material to suit the individuals - a fab large babushka one for my sister in law for her lovely kitchen, a Cath Kidston ballerina for a dancing fan, cupcakes for a keen cook etc...

Here are three I have made since Christmas for upcoming birthdays.


I used 12mm MDF kindly cut by the local independent builders merchants, used medium wadding and stretched the material across. The fiddliest thing was the correct spacing for the ribbon (I used grosgrain ribbon (Ribbon Oasis) as it holds its shape well), where the ribbon crossed, gold or silver upholstery tacks kept everything in place . The back was then finished with lining material.

I was really chuffed with the final results and had lots of happy gift recipients as well!

Welcome !

Having just about found my way around the blogging system I am ready to post! But what to post is the next thing? I was inspired to do this when looking through an old Norfolk magazine passed on to me. I saw the article about the "Pic 'n' Mix Makers Market and looked up the fantastic blogs of Mrs Bobo Bun and Kitschen Pink.

I love making things and have real pleasure giving them as gifts but what a great way this is to show other people projects you are working on - ideas to share !

Next job - to locate the family camera (never quite where you think you may have put it!) and then I will start in earnest - perhaps showing the fabric noticeboards I made for Christmas presents for old and young alike!

Until next time..............