Friday, 17 September 2010

New makes for shh........ (Christmas!)


It has all been happening here - Last weekend saw a major repair in the fish pond thanks to a hole made by a sharp stone, and for once, it was hubby's fault not my sons!

However, we found 50 small fish (this year's fry) we didn't even know we had!

I finished making some shoulder bags ready for Christmas presents - I'm trying to make a handmade present for all the ladies / girls this year - don't think I can think of enough ideas to include the men!

Also I had my first go at felting in the washing machine with some lovely eco yarn  - knited flowers - the dahlia can up a treat - going to try felt a rose over the weekend - will let you see progress when next

I'm resurrecting my violin tomorrow after (cough cough) 22 years for a play day at the Beccles Music Festival with the London Mozart Orchestra accompanied by my son (grade 1 distinction trombone) so I'm sure we will have fun :-)

Linda x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A 40th Birthday Treat????

Yes............ I'm the one in the pink top - dangling from a cargo net in a tree in Thetford forest Go  Ape !!

My "friends" bought me this opportunity (?) as part of my 40th Birthday pressent. In fact 11 of us did it - 7 adults and 4 children.

My son had a fab time (no fear!)

As you can see, it isn't for the faint hearted! To round off the day we came down to earth and joined the younger children and their chaperones for a champagne pic-nic. What fab friends I have.

I will forgive them for sticking me up a tree and not being able to pull the handbrake on in my car until at least three days later - I am fairly fit (a regular spinner) but my arms are weak!

I must say the next part of my present is a half day cooking workshop with the Humble Cake Bakery in Flixton, Bungay (Christmas goodies) This seems a much safer option! Then lucky me and my hubby are off to Chelsea Flower show next year to round off  my 40th year.

Hope you are all settling back into the routine of school and blogging might become a bit more regular for me.