Thursday, 11 February 2010

Finds, Makes and Amusement.............

The week started well with some lovely material finds tucked in the corner of a soft furnishings shop......

"Raining Cats and Dogs" and some lovely retro brown circles and swirls - Now what to make ??

I also finished my daughter's quilt for her bed sssssh..... as she's asleep I will let you have a peek - not displayed the best on a chair in the kitchen! (Note to self - must improve photography skills!) 

Whilst munching on my lunch today, I asked a male colleague if he had heard of the term a "catazine", as I was looking at the new Joules one.

(I do love Joules  I'm very lucky - two lovely shops in the coast only a few miles away!)

"No" he replied, "What is it?"

 Having just flicked through it I said ;

" It is where you can see a model in a short pink tweed skirt
 and read about Jimmy's sausages"

This caused great amusement !!

Possibly not the best two examples to put together!!!

Finally, a quick batch of banana muffins whipped up ready for the Primary school Table Top Sale tomorrow who knows, may be I'll find a little treasure or two ???

Until next time - Happy crafting....


  1. The quilt is beautiful Linda, what a lucky little girl you have.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Hello Linda , I love the story behind the name for your blog ! It's lovely to meet you .

  3. You've been so busy this week. I can't believe how quickly you made the quilt, it looks great.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  4. Hi Linda- I've just seen you on Vintage Vicki's comments- through my son's nursery last year I got to know Catherine from and go weekly now to her daily coffee shop where she stitches with two other friends as well- we're there overlapping with coffees and scones just chatting with our needles and hooks. It's therapeutically fabulous! Grab some friends and a little cafe you know and cast on!

  5. Beautiful quilt. Just the right sort to snuggle into.

  6. Hi Linda, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. Its lovely to meet fellow bloggers. Your daughters quilt is gorgeous, I'm sure she'll love it on her bed to snuggle into. Good luck with the Tilda projects. I'm hoping to host a spring Tilda swap on my blog soon, if you fancy taking part. xxx Pixie xxx

  7. My little girls would go mad over that quilt. It's beautiful. Nice to find another newbie to the world of blogging. Anna x

  8. Hi - such a pretty quilt, well done you!I think moving the computer was a very wise move. Lucky you having a space of your own.xx

  9. hi there
    nice to meet you x
    you must live VERY close to me????
    Thanks for joining in the colour swap :~)

  10. tee hee your post made me smile, i designed the rainig cats and dogs fabric many moons ago when i worked for harlequin, it is still one of my favourites! xx


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