Sunday, 7 February 2010

A week on.... In Blog land

Well, I am feeling very pleased with myself - blogging certainly helps with the discipline of "getting on" with those craft projects. I have had a large piece of Cath Kidston material waiting to be used and this week I made a bag - I think it would make a great bag to keep a knitting / crochet project in perhaps?

Then I decided to make a material rose to adorn it - as you may have guessed - the rose took longer than the lined bag to make! I'm pleased with the final result but who to give it to ?

I have so many pieces of material left from the fabric noticeboards I made at Christmas, I have patchworked 72 squares this week in readiness to make a quilt for my daughter - obviously this level of craftiness can not continue indefinately due to mundane tasks such as housework needing to be fitted in amongst family needs and work!

This week saw an update of the "family photo" taken by a lovely lady photographer in Beccles - so perhaps some ideas for a new craft project to display some photos? Any ideas out there ??

Until next time, have a lovely week...............


  1. Its so annoying when boring old housework gets in the way of craft projects, isn't it!

  2. What a brilliant bag, how clever you are, you blog is lovely, very pretty. Have a lovely week yourself Linda.

    Hugs RosieP x


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