Monday, 29 March 2010


What a busy few days and a funny end to the weekend - I'll come to that in a minute.....

Firstly, We have been doing our Astronomer Badge at Cubs and I thought I would share with you the planet solar system as made by the Cubs..

The photo doesn't do it justice - it involved paper mache and paint - Am I mad ? YES! The enthusiasm around the Space theme was fantastic, really caught the cubs imagination and so much easier to take in when it is very visible and made by them!

Then it was Easter craft night tonight involving the inevitable Easter egg hunt and chocolate nests and this little chap...

Apparently there were comments about Pete the Duck from Harry Hill ?

Sunday afternoon was a walk around our local RSPB reserve where we saw a Tawny Owl roosting and deer in the reed beds. As we left, we drove into a moment of madness! A Lesser Kestel had been spotted in the field on the exit road (as it turns out, a very rare bird with only a handful of sightings since records began in Victorian times and never recorded in Suffolk!)

The twitcher hotline had obviously been in action and the single track exit road was blocked by a trail of cars, acting as if on a fire shout, all heading to the reserve.
It was totally bonkers and we were caught in the middle of it!

But yes, we did see the bird in question and apparently it has drawn a large crowd again today. It is amazing how something such as this changes the whole dynamics of the day.

We have also been busy on the field this weekend, 8 rows of spuds planted, beetroot, carrots, spinnach, sping onions and raddishes planted and seeds sown in the greenhouse. Now Tim and I are complaining of neck ache, backache etc....

Time to go now and start planning the Easter weekend.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Aprons and Lots of Ideas

Isn't this week flying by...........!

Well, firstly my trip to the Stitch and Craft Show was a great day out
and I would recommend a visit next year - however ...........

It did set me back a few pennies ......................

Clarke & Clarke material for aprons I think or cushions, perhaps with,

Some Lazy May embroidery panels sewn into the middle !!

 These are fab iron on transfers ( bigger than the packet)
 I chose a heart, spiral wording and cupcakes,
check out the website for other designs.

We took part in an hour tutorial on applique and learnt couching
- I have that to still finish !

I even managedto fit in a brief trip to Ikea at Thurrock on the way..

The stripe material is for a floor cushion for "R" -
a bargain £4.99 for 3 metres, as was the red material!

Finally, I have been working on an apron
 for my sister in laws birthday
and then "R" thought she might like one
for the "help" she gives me in the kitchen!

I really pleased with them -
 I chickened out of using the Poppy Treffry free stitching
for the cupcakes (perhaps next time.)

Until next time.........

Linda x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Please HELP!! Easter Crafts with the CUBS!

Hello to you all,
I will be blogging later this week with some finds from the weekend trip
to the Stitch and Craft Show at Olympia - a great day out!

Today started with frogs having fun in our pond (no frog spawn yet though!)
and finished with hubby and I chasing a rogue bee
 which had found its way into a sock on the washing line
 and was fighting its way out of the ironing basket! Spring must be here :-)

Cubs next week is the obligatory Easter theme night
before the end of term and I could do with some new craft ideas !
 I have 24 polystrene eggs and 24 little fluffy chicks

 - Inspire me please !!!

I look forward to your suggestions.............

Linda x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Springtime Tilda Swap THANK YOU KAREN !

This morning, I had a rare day to please myself,
the sun shone, I lunched with friends
and my tilda Swap parcel arrived!

Thank you to Karen, my Tilda Swap Partner -
Make sure you check out her blog!

I received some lovely bright packaged gifts.........

The snail from the new Tilda Summer book is fab -
 I much prefer this to the little pests
I find in the greenhouse eating my plants......

The two embroidered hearts will complement my bedroom perfectly
 and the card and matching notebook added bonuses !
 (There were some chocolate bunnies
 but they lasted no time at all - shared with L & R!)


My first swap received - how lovely!

I went a bit bunny mad on my theme for Karen ............

Spring must be in the air!!!

Linda x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alice.........Painting.......and Stitch and Craft

Hello, this week started off with taking my Mum and daughter to see the new Alice in Wonderland film
- Brilliant entertainment from start to finish.
R's favourite characters were Tweddle dum
 and Tweedle Dee (AKA the wonderful Matt Lucas)

whereas it take a lot to beat Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter for me,
(mind you, I must admit the Pirates of the Carribean Johnny is my fav!!)

Enough dreaming..........

The plan this weekend is to decorate R's bedroom.
Like most 7 year old girls, it is a clutter of bit and pieces and more bits.
 Today the worst of it is over - yes clearing the room to be able to paint!
I no longer have a single room upstairs not cluttered up with the contents of said bedroom! At present my craft table is housing a playmobil hospital
and the sewing machine has disappeared from view!

Never mind we must get it finished at the weekend
as next weekend I have a weekend away with a dear friend
 and a trip to the Stitch and craft Show at Olympia on the Saturday - yipee!

If any of you have been - I would welcome your comments! I will of course have the handy plastic at the ready!

Linda x

Sunshine Award!!

This is the very first award I have ever received, now I have to pass this on to 12 other lovely bloggers, they are as follows:

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Linda x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

East Anglia really would be a FAB place for a Cath Kidston, Hobbycraft, Ikea..... PLEASE!

I'm afraid I have little in the way of crafty WIP to show a the moment as they are being created for a swap! The only other creativity this week has been a hurriedly assembled black cloak with batman's symbol for World Book Day.

Don't you just love it when the letter is brought home Tuesday night for today!! Fancy dress optional ! Yes the option being to do it or be a bad mother for your child being one of the few not dressed up !! Fortunately we settled on Bat Girl which was very easy (pic to follow later) - Rebecca is now affectionately known as "TAT GIRL" due to the state of her bedroom!

Now on the my post heading - The lovely "Crafts Beautiful" magazine arrived on the doorstep yesterday - I do enjoy curling up in bed and having a good read of it. However I am frustrated ! I live near the vibrant, lovely city of Norwich, a contender for City of Culture for 2013, I believe.

However the only Cath Kidston shop I have been in was on holiday in York, I have never even set eyes on a Hobby craft and a 100 mile trip to Thurrock presents me with the nearest IKEA! I know our infrastructure here in Norfolk and Suffolk is a "little" challenging (I should know my husbands a civil engineer!) but PLEEEEEASE.......  consider us for your next outlets!!

Right, rant over, now off out for a lovely meal with friends.

Linda x