Thursday, 4 March 2010

East Anglia really would be a FAB place for a Cath Kidston, Hobbycraft, Ikea..... PLEASE!

I'm afraid I have little in the way of crafty WIP to show a the moment as they are being created for a swap! The only other creativity this week has been a hurriedly assembled black cloak with batman's symbol for World Book Day.

Don't you just love it when the letter is brought home Tuesday night for today!! Fancy dress optional ! Yes the option being to do it or be a bad mother for your child being one of the few not dressed up !! Fortunately we settled on Bat Girl which was very easy (pic to follow later) - Rebecca is now affectionately known as "TAT GIRL" due to the state of her bedroom!

Now on the my post heading - The lovely "Crafts Beautiful" magazine arrived on the doorstep yesterday - I do enjoy curling up in bed and having a good read of it. However I am frustrated ! I live near the vibrant, lovely city of Norwich, a contender for City of Culture for 2013, I believe.

However the only Cath Kidston shop I have been in was on holiday in York, I have never even set eyes on a Hobby craft and a 100 mile trip to Thurrock presents me with the nearest IKEA! I know our infrastructure here in Norfolk and Suffolk is a "little" challenging (I should know my husbands a civil engineer!) but PLEEEEEASE.......  consider us for your next outlets!!

Right, rant over, now off out for a lovely meal with friends.

Linda x


  1. Linda - try Ann Brewters in Southwold - was in there the other week - they've extended their CK range :)

    However I agree we need an Ikea closer - is a real hike if ever I can persuade MrVV we need to go there.

    PS - loving the russian dolls :)

  2. I know how you feel hunni. My nearest CK, ikea and hobby craft are all a long treck away too and it take's months and months to persuade hubby to take me to any of them lol.

    Hope you are well


  3. Also a shop called Darcies (sp) in Gorleston sells CK stuff...but I hear you!!! Little shops stocking her stuff is no substitute for the real shop!!! In fact I emailed Cath and said helloooo Norwich needs a CK and guess what...NO REPLY!!!
    My mum used to live near Leeds so we went to Ikea when visiting it takes very careful planning!!!

  4. oh and I've never stepped into a hobbycraft!!!
    (my bank balance is probably relieved !!!)

  5. Hear, hear!
    Perhaps we should ALL email CK - on a daily basis until she opens a local shop. I agree that one would do very well in Norwich. And as for Ikea - much too far away. We go about once every 5 years! I've never been to Hobbycraft but Jarrolds in Norwich have a pretty good craft section.

  6. Vicki, you are right, Ann Brewster's is a lovely shop ( and she does Pandora charms which my daughter and I collect) but she doesn't sell the CK fabric which is what I really wish to buy! I'll keep wishing..... :-)

  7. Hello, Just to let you know you have an award waiting for you at my blog.

    Hugs RosieP x


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