Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Practise Makes Perfect....

A very wet, cold and miserable weekend meant only one thing - I turned up the heating and did some crafting, whilst hubby and son went out and watched football!

As I have entered into Faerie Nuff's Tilda swap - I thought perhaps some practise was called for! My 7 year old daughter was very content helping me by stuffing the hare as I machined the parts and this was our joint attempt.

It was going to be part of my niece's 5th Birthday present for next week
 but as Rebecca said, ".........I did help make it",
 I think it will only being going as far as her bedroom!
All we need to do now is choose a project for the swap.

You will recall from my last blog I made a picture inspired from Country Living, well I have now completed one for the other frame on a red theme - shame the colour swap I have just entered is for a "green theme!" Never mind, it gives me an excuse to visit the local fabric shop tomorrow to eye up green material - Now what to make ??

I should just say the lovely fleece throw with the applique flowers in this picture was a Christmas present from a dear friend - I'll finish by saying;

"Isn't it lovely to receive something handmade, I'm looking forward to my first swaps."

Linda x

p.s. Can anyone help ? How do you put a blog name in your post so that there is a link to it ? Thanks


  1. Hi
    well done on managing the tilda hare..i don't have much luck with tilda patterns, my fingers aren't great with small fiddly stuff!!!
    For a link you highlight the word and then click on the little logo that looks like a globe at the top of the page where you write...then a box will pop up and you can enter the address of your linked site...clear as mud??????

  2. I love your tilda hare and I suppose its only fair that the helper gets to keep it...;D

    I am patiently (not!) waiting to find out who my partner will be for the swap... then I will check out her blog and see what might best suit her... but I might have to pop to the fabric shop to buy more supplies... (not really but any excuse...!)

    X Alex

  3. Your Hare is bootifull. I bet you were so pleased with her. I'm sure your daughter loves her in her bedroom too. xxx Pixie xxx

  4. Regarding the linky thing, write the word, on words, you want to link, highlight them and then click on the word "link" in the toolbar of your post form, then type in the link! If you need more help please feel free to email me through my blog! :-)

  5. Theres nothing like a cold wet day as an excuse for getting the sewing machine out.
    The hare and picture are both lovely.

  6. Hi Linda thanks for letting me know your my swap partner. Been so busy this week haven't managed to have a look at any blogs!! Any colour green will do.

  7. I know nothing of blog swaps but I think one of these pictures of yours will have to enter such a thing, or even one of those "give-aways" that seem to occur- oh yes please!

  8. I think the hare is very good - can see why your daughter doesn't want to part with her.

  9. Love the Tilda hare, I am taking part in my first swap and I really looking forward to it.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Emma x


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