Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Welcome !

Having just about found my way around the blogging system I am ready to post! But what to post is the next thing? I was inspired to do this when looking through an old Norfolk magazine passed on to me. I saw the article about the "Pic 'n' Mix Makers Market and looked up the fantastic blogs of Mrs Bobo Bun and Kitschen Pink.

I love making things and have real pleasure giving them as gifts but what a great way this is to show other people projects you are working on - ideas to share !

Next job - to locate the family camera (never quite where you think you may have put it!) and then I will start in earnest - perhaps showing the fabric noticeboards I made for Christmas presents for old and young alike!

Until next time..............

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  1. Good start Linda,keep it up, looking forward to some photo's! Love Beccles, especially the wonderful wool and fabric shops!


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