Wednesday, 3 February 2010

OOPHS .......... Forgot the Keepsake Boxes

Ah, did you spot the deliberate mistake ? Yes, I forgot the Keepsake boxes! This has been my latest little project. My nephew is being christened at the end of February and I wanted to make something practical but special for him.

This was very much trial and error. I purchased a pine box, wadded and covered the lid with Laura Ashley check material (you'll often find me rummaging in the Laura Ashley material box in Beccles!)

I made a ribbon rosette, beaded his name and painted and stamped a "Keepsake" tag and was fairly happy with the end result.

Inspired, I owe a close friend a 40th Birthday present still, so made a similar one for her....

I love this and so want to keep this for myself!

So now to my next project -
having moved the computer downstairs
 I now have a spare bedroom for crafting
Ohhhhhhhh..........where to start ?


  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog. I see we have some things in common - I have returnrd to knitting in recent years and hope to learn to crochet (must persevere!) I didn't know there was an LA in Beccles - I ususally go to Woodbridge but keep meaning to give Beccles a visit.

  2. Love the fabric on the boxes and notice boards they look really good!

  3. Hello - another Suffolk blogger & crafter :)

    I love the russian doll fabric on your notice boards.

  4. Hi -

    I was just searching through new followers to see who had a blog and I found you. Hope you're enjoying it all. It's great fun and leads to all sorts of other things.

    Love your noticeboards. I've kept meaning to make them for my girls and just sheer laziness at getting round to buying mdf has been the major spanner in the works. Must get on with it though before they cover the walls completely with blutac.

    Lisa x

  5. Hi Country Girl, yes a great L A in Beccles - make a visit - lots of lovely crafty/ gift shops as well. Plus selection of charity and antique shops if they take your fancy!

    Hi Mrs Bobo Bun - have sent you a message.

    Re; Russian doll material - came from Lovaandco (an ebay shop)- good service - only downside with all the Japanese material is the cost but as I choose the material to suit the individuals I made the noticeboards for as presents, cost was a secondary factor.


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