Thursday, 30 December 2010

Kirstie eat your heart out!

As you may have read previously, our daughter was born on Christmas Day and celebrated her 8th Birthday this year. No one is ever able to manage Birthday cake on Christmas Day so this year I attempted a gingerbread cookie Christmas tree (thanks to a Lakeland template kit!) with the children breaking off a star as when they were hungry - a success!

Secondly, this is my finished picture for my Mum for Christmas. "Blue bells and Morning Glory"  - felt embellished with ribbon and stitching, unfortunately the light is not great but I was really pleased with the final piece.

All which it leaves me to do now is wish you a Happy and Safe New Year - I think 2011 will see my life taking a different direction - more to follow in due course.

Linda x

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  1. I love the cake and the felt picture is stunning, wishing you love, happiness and laughter for 2011... x


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