Monday, 29 March 2010


What a busy few days and a funny end to the weekend - I'll come to that in a minute.....

Firstly, We have been doing our Astronomer Badge at Cubs and I thought I would share with you the planet solar system as made by the Cubs..

The photo doesn't do it justice - it involved paper mache and paint - Am I mad ? YES! The enthusiasm around the Space theme was fantastic, really caught the cubs imagination and so much easier to take in when it is very visible and made by them!

Then it was Easter craft night tonight involving the inevitable Easter egg hunt and chocolate nests and this little chap...

Apparently there were comments about Pete the Duck from Harry Hill ?

Sunday afternoon was a walk around our local RSPB reserve where we saw a Tawny Owl roosting and deer in the reed beds. As we left, we drove into a moment of madness! A Lesser Kestel had been spotted in the field on the exit road (as it turns out, a very rare bird with only a handful of sightings since records began in Victorian times and never recorded in Suffolk!)

The twitcher hotline had obviously been in action and the single track exit road was blocked by a trail of cars, acting as if on a fire shout, all heading to the reserve.
It was totally bonkers and we were caught in the middle of it!

But yes, we did see the bird in question and apparently it has drawn a large crowd again today. It is amazing how something such as this changes the whole dynamics of the day.

We have also been busy on the field this weekend, 8 rows of spuds planted, beetroot, carrots, spinnach, sping onions and raddishes planted and seeds sown in the greenhouse. Now Tim and I are complaining of neck ache, backache etc....

Time to go now and start planning the Easter weekend.



  1. Cubs + glue & paint - where is the photo of the mess???

    Looks very good - well done them (and you).

    Also planning Easter weekend here - mainly gardening & the vintage fair in Woodbridge :)

  2. Love your cubs crafty chick! Very cute.
    I read about the rare bird sighting - those twitchers are bonkers.

  3. Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog. It's always good to meet fellow local Suffolk bloggers! We're so lucky having Minsmere on our doorstep. Although the last time we went the girls were only 1 and 3 and I think we scared off all the birds as they were toddling around very noisily! The bird watchers weren' too impressed!

  4. My goodness, this is inspiring material on all fronts! Love the cub craft, love the planets, deeply envious of energy found to dig and plant!! Well done! I hope you have a very rich Easter!


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