Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Free Stitch Embroidery and Felting

These are the two felting pictures now framed as per my last post.

So I thought I would have another go - This time I tried to be too precise with "where and what" I wanted the final picture to look like - something I have now discovered with felting is - it has a mind of its own! I wasn't overly pleased with the results so I thought I would have a go at free stitch machining on the flowers - and I liked the results!

I'm really enjoying trying this new craft!

Half term is flying by already - today was spent at a wet and windy Minsmere, birdwatching. We saw a siskin ( well it was a yellow bird in flight - identified as a siskin by a warden, for us!) This was followed by a hot chocolate!

Now working out how to be first in the queue to get my "Take That" tickets when they go on sale on Friday!!

Linda x


  1. Love those pictures and I think your free embroidery really enhances the last one. Good Luck with your ticket buying!

  2. They are really beautiful and you can tell by the way you write about it how much you are enjoying doing it! x


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