Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Felting is FAB!

 After a trip to Ally Pally and the Knit and Stitching Show, I purchased several bags of merino wool tops and silk bits and bobs to have a go at felting. I had an idea and was really pleased with the results. This is the method I used :

I "half felted" some lovely reds and oranges together to make the poppy colours. I laid the merino wool tops in the three layers (in different directions) on bubble wrap, together with some silk tops (when I could disconnect them from my hands!) and wool for the stalks. I then cut the half felt poppy shapes and placed on. I covered the whole lot with hot, soapy water, holding each poppy as I did so it didn't move, covered the top with the bubble wrap and massaged and rubbed the fibres for 15 minutes.

This is how the fibres felted giving a lovely texture and the colours I was especially pleased with.

I also had a go with pinks and purples.

Last night I spent embellishing the poppies and embroidering and embellishing the pink flowers. I'm now off to get the poppy felt framed and will let you see the final results soon!

Now the hard part - do I keep it for myself or give to someone for Christmas - DeCiSiOnS!!


  1. Linda - they look REALLY lovely!!! It's so effective...well done!!!

  2. Beautiful! I had a go at wet felting a couple of years ago - such fun!

  3. They are gorgeous. I would find it really difficult to part with them!
    Jille x


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