Tuesday, 11 May 2010

So Lucky to live here..............

Just a quick blog today. My daughter has Clover Brownie Bear this week to look after - anyone who has had this before will know the routine.........Look after said soft toy........take it out and about (whilst trying not to lose it!)....... looking in the "diary" ..... seeing the numerous epilogues and photos put in by the previous children (or should I say parents!)............. sinking heart feeling of what are we going to do........ then organising the week around photo opportunities with said soft toy.... SOUND FAMILIAR!!!!?????

As we had a wet Saturday, said bear made it only as far a R's tap exam as the lucky mascot and Sunday was to be a lazy day at home. However, as photos were needed, we wandered down to the local museum and then to the river....  looking at this scenery, I would say Clover bear is very lucky to live where she does!

p.s. Good Enough to Eat Swap - if you would like to see what I sent ....

or look at Alex's blog for some far better photos.
Linda x


  1. Looks like you sent some lovely goodies. xxx Pixie xxx

  2. hehehe - never had the bear thing with my daughter - but had to take photo's of my niece and the bear at my mother in laws 60th birthday party last year, once I could get him off the dance floor!


  3. Definately a great part of the country we live in :)


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