Saturday, 15 May 2010

GoOd EnOuGh To EaT SwAp - THANK YOU !

I was very fortunate to be paired up with Alex for my swap partner and today received a parcel of loveliness!!

A pretty cupcake hanger, ideal for my big bunch of keys !

A cute little bear and chocolate bath fizzs and more fizzs.....

A gorgeous mobile / ipod case and a yummy chocolate cookie keyring....

A fantastic candle holder reminding me of scrummy chocolate fondant fancies....

Silicone cupcake holders and a yummy recipe for chocolate caramel shortbread......

Now this lemon meringue soap really is good enough to eat!!!!!!

Thank you Alex, it is all lovely x


  1. oooh, lovely, I bet the whole parcell smelled fantastic!


  2. That lemon meringue soap looks so realistic. What a lovely swap - aren't you lucky!



  3. They certainly do look good enough to eat. Lucky you I bet you will enjoy pampering and cooking!

  4. Oh these swaps are fabulous! I am very inspired by the cupcake keyring- I'm festering the idea of cupcake collages just now, but can't get past the frustration of thinking about it! Maybe you should organise a swap...


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