Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Blog Award !

Thank you Julie and Swedish House for this award !

I now need to tell you seven things about me !

Well...................here goes.............

1. I am 5ft 11" and grew up not impressed at being the tallest in the class but now as approaching middle age it has its own advantage of helping to disperse weight over a larger area!!

2. I celebrate the big 40 in June!

3.I have been a Cub leader for 20 years ! Yikes.......

4. My fav meal in steak in red wine and garlic and rosemary wedges cooked by hubby on a Sat evening :-)

5. I have always crafted from a very early age, I hate twiddling my fingers and having idle time.

6. I am hoping to train to teach one day........

7. I am enjoying blogging and swaps!!!

Nothing too earth shattering but suffering from a stinking cold so not very inspirational at the moment I'm afraid.

Linda x


  1. I do like finding out new things about people. Hope you feel better soon
    PS I love blogging too!

  2. Congrats hunny! Isn't it fab when yu receive an award....makes you smile!
    Karen x x x

  3. Congratulations and get well soon!

  4. lovely blog!

    I am also hitting the big 4-0 this year...booo!


  5. Hi Linda,

    Been popping on here every now and again to see your latest makes - well done on the award, its a fabulous blog.

    Been trying it myself, but still getting to grips with the layout and such.

    Anyway, well done again!

    Lesley x

  6. Hej Linda
    Glad you liked your award and thinks for the link ;S But it doesn;t link.

    Can you correct it it;s www.myblogswedishouse.blogspot
    There is only 1 h shared with the swedishouse
    and not swedishhouse.

    Sorry but if you could change it that would be great.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Julie x

  7. I can't even get it right lol!


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