Friday, 28 October 2011

Where Have I been ?

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!

Well I have had a change of direction in my life and am now undertaking my primary teacher training this year. It is extremely hard work but great fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. However, it leaves little (read that as 'no' time) to craft :-(

Hopefully Christmas time will see a break from work and the sewing machine regaining its place on my desk! For the meanwhile I am consoling myself reading the craftseller magazine, which is a fab read.

So for now I will snatch moments to catch up with all you lovely bloggers instead.

Linda x


  1. Congrats on doing your teacher training :) My baby sister started doing hers in a High School in September. I know just how many hours it takes out of her week.

  2. sounds exciting but lots of hard work, which will be worth it in the end. well done to you!

  3. Good luck with your change of direction - how exciting!


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