Sunday, 29 August 2010

Whoops - Another month has gone!! New Makes!

Hello, sorry I've been so lazy with my blog over the summer. I have been experimenting with 100 Flowers to
Knit and crotchet, hence the bluebell brooch,

and this rose brooch. I am trying a poppy next.

Also it has been my Mother in Laws Birthday and I made her a patriotic cushion to go with the Emma Bridgewater Union Jack teapot we got her on our hols in Derbyshire.


Next, I kept driving past a little antiques shop in my local town and this cheerful little face kept smiling at me and I was smitten..........

Eventually I gave in and sent hubby to negotiate a price - I thought it was an ornament but it is actually a vase, she makes me smile :-)

And a great piece of luck - A friend told me about a furniture warehouse clearance this weekend and the fact that they sell end rolls of upholstery fabric (at a fiver each!) - well it would have been rude not to get any!!! Even hubby was impressed with my bargains!

Let's hope the weather cheers up this week - we were all on hold last week, which was wet and windy, the washing machine broke, but had good times at Southwold Maize Maze and Africa Alive.


  1. I have that flower book too and have made 2 roses and the cherries from it.
    I'm sure the weather will cheer up - doesn't it always when the holidays are over?

  2. Its been great this past week hasn't it - not. Just know its going to get warm once the children return to school. Least it means I can finish my summer holiday 'spring' cleaning!!

  3. You have been busy, it is suppose to be lovely this week so make the most of it!

  4. Hi Linda
    I have to say after looking at your previous makes I'm sure you'll have no trouble makeing a 3D picture!
    Have you tried knitting your coursage flowers in 100% wool and then felting them either by hand or in the washing machine? They could be attached to a picture, go on experiment!


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